Carpet Cleaning

The procedure we use to clean carpet is THE ONE AND ONLY ONE recommended by the IICRC, which is a 3 solution pass over an area and 1 vacuum pass.

Services Include:

  • Thorough vacuuming of carpet
  • Pre-spraying of high traffic areas as needed
  • Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) of carpet
  • Post spotting of stubborn stains that will not be drawn out with the basic extraction process

Our superior truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment will give you the best cleaning results ever! The hot water solution breaks up nasty dirt and other dreadful substances like bacteria, viruses, pollens, etc. Those foul substances will be immediately whisked away under high suction. As a result, your carpet will NOW look NEW again! You will also be able to sleep at night knowing that EXCELLENCE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING only uses an environmentally friendly line of cleaners called Axiom. Axiom is a superb line of cleaners that meets or EXCEEDS the EPA’S– “Designed for the Environment” program (DfE), and it is highly approved by MAJOR environmental groups!