About Us


1.   EXACT APPOINTMENT TIMES. I would never have the nerve to tell you I’ll be at your home SOMETIME between sunrise and sunset. You have better things to do than to sit around waiting for me. I WILL give you a specific appointment time. If I’m running late, it may be due to being tangled up in my high-tech carpet cleaning equipment, but even in that UNLIKELY event, I’ll wrestle one hand free to call and let you know how long I’ll be.
2.   PROMPT RESPONSE. While my exceptional cleaning services are in high demand, I understand that you often need help “RIGHT NOW” so I usually create some space in my schedule and try to keep at least one emergency opening within a week.
3.   I ANSWER THE PHONE MYSELF. Everybody prefers to chat with a live person these days, NOT an automated voice SO that’s why I keep my phone handy.  Additionally, you’ll meet me, Todd, when I do the estimate. If there is EVER a problem with my service, then I will fix it MYSELF.
4.   HONEST PRICING. I DO NOT believe in sales gimmicks or hidden cost schemes. I will NOT trick you with low price ads and offers, only to later try to UP sell you into bankruptcy!  Let’s face it – NOBODY wants to feel like they are being ripped off!  My carpet cleaning fee is regularly 25 cents per square foot….basically, the cost of a gum ball per square foot. That rate delivers the best cleaning possible, without the “Rodeo Drive” price tag – isn’t the beauty, health and in some cases the restoration of your carpet worth that?
5.   EXPERT CLEANING WITH OVER 20 YEARS CARPET CLEANING EXPERIENCE. My business is DEFINITELY NOT new. I have been cleaning like a maniac in Davis since July 1993. I started this business with the goal of COMPLETE and TOTAL customer satisfaction. When you are satisfied with my work, then I am happy, too!  It’s all about creating a WIN-WIN scenario for the clients I serve.
6.   I DON’T CUT CORNERS, WHEN IT COMES TO CARPET CLEANING. In a very literal sense, I WOULD never cut corners, when it comes to cleaning your carpets, (because in my experience, that will be the exact spot a dog has selected to leave a little surprise). In a “figurative” way, taking shortcuts to me is like stealing. If you have 300 square feet of carpet from wall to wall, you can be sure that I will take the necessary time to clean every square inch of your carpet within. Dirt, dust, dust mites pet or people stains don’t have a chance against my wand.
7.   FAST DRYING. Your carpet will be cleaned using the method recommended by the IICRC, the authority on carpet care, and that means you’re carpet will be dry in one day or less.
Need it to dry faster? No problem, a speed dryer is also available for no extra charge…. ESPECIALLY, if your family is rushing over for a big gathering!!
8.   ONE CALL SERVICE. There’s more to my service than just cleaning your carpets. Your service can include any or all of these:
  • Carpets – Whether they are in your house, car, RV or office. No carpet is off limits for me.
  • Upholstery – Couches, Recliners, Loveseats, Automobile, even furry walls. If you’ve upholstered it, I can clean it and do the best possible job to make it magnificent again.
  • Pet odor removal – No need to kick Rover to the curb or put the cat out permanently, I’ll tackle those pesky pet stains and odors using an environmentally safe solution that will make it just like it never happened at all.
  • R.V. and auto interiors – I’ve already mentioned it, but since most families have more than one vehicle, I’ll say it again. Why take your carpets to an auto-detailer for cleaning? Those guys are great with polish and wax, but carpet is carpet and I guarantee you that the fine folks at the detail shop don’t have the knowledge or the top notch equipment to clean it like I can. You’ll get a better cleaning and likely pay less by going with me. You’ll end up with a cleaner vehicle and more ‘jingle’ left in your pockets to pay for the petro to power you down the road.
  • Carpet & Upholstery Protector – Keep your home fresher, brighter, cleaner … longer:
It’s always great to see how bright and clean your carpets or upholstery look right after my professional cleaning. You can keep them looking fresh and new a lot longer by asking for a carpet protector or upholstery protector. They help your carpets and furniture resists soil and stains by keeping dirt from sticking to the fibers. This even improves vacuuming because dirt is more easily picked-up, and fewer passes are required with the vacuum.
No matter how careful you are with your carpets and furniture, even the most conscientious of us can have spills and spots. Besides, your carpets and furnishings were meant to be used and enjoyed. Protector simplifies spill cleanup by keeping spills from becoming hard-to-remove spots or stains. Protectors repel liquids, so spills can be blotted up quickly and easily. Take the stress out of worrying about little accidents with carpet and upholstery protector. Ask me how it can make your carpets and furniture last longer and stay beautiful.
HERE’S A BONUS REASON WHY YOU’LL LOVE MY SERVICE I offer so MUCH MORE than the most thorough cleaning ever AND a complete SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! I also PROMISE that no spots will return. Sometimes, there are exceptions, spots can be cleaned, stains can’t BUT I will point them out to you in advance so there are no surprises. If, after my thorough cleaning, a spot would have the audacity to return, I WILL also return like a knight in shining armor, armed with my trusty cleaning wand to remove that pesky spot permanently. Furthermore, if a pet accidentally tracks dirt or a child spills punch upon your newly restored carpet, within a week of my cleaning….. DO NOT PULL OUT YOUR HAIR!!  Just call me and I’ll remove the spot for free!!