Read On To Discover How Excellence Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Vows  To Restore Your Sanity–Fast!

I’ve heard it all when it comes to carpet and upholstery nightmares. From the child who cons you into buying the cute little puppy …he promised to clean up after Fido, but then pooped out after one day. And Fido, after an entire first year of using your carpet as a potty and your couch as a chew toy, has graduated from cute little puppy into full grown “interior decimator.”

How about the one where the sweet little daughter swore she wouldn’t spill her red punch on your white sofa…she just wants to watch her favorite cartoon this one time… yet now, you are the not-so-proud owner of a red spotted sofa.

Perhaps your last party was a bit wilder than you planned for. You didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary while your guest were there, but by morning it looked like a heard of water buffalo stampeded through your living room, leaving your carpet a mess.

You’ve tried to resolve these “interior disasters” only to be ripped off by the last carpet cleaner you called! It’s enough to make a good gal go bad. Whatever the case, you’ve had enough. Right!? Well, here’s good news. You DON’T NEED TO BE STUCK WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING “CONNED” BY A KID – – OR ANY OTHER CARPET CLEANING COMPANY AGAIN!

One phone call can SAVE your STAINED CARPET, UPHOLSTERY, and sanity. I’m Todd James, owner of EXCELLENCE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING.

MY goal is to be your carpet cleaning guru – the one you trust. The one you call to keep your carpets and upholstery healthy (I explain about healthy carpets on my carpet cleaning facts page)… in fact, I live to be the guy you call whether your carpets need a spot cleaning or a total transformation before family gatherings.

My existing clients already KNOW they can count on me to clean up the dirt that makes life dingy. They also know they can always count on me to deliver the most thorough cleaning EVER or it’s FREE!

Friend, isn’t it time you find out what they already know? I also offer FREE Carpet health inspections (It’s like a free Estimate, but even better!).

So, if dirt or stains on your carpets or furniture has taken you to the brink of pulling your hair out, call me now before you ruin a perfectly good hairstyle. AND – if you’ve already started tearing at your lovely locks, just take one hand…pick up the phone and call me now. I promise you it will be alright. While my message here may have a hint of humor, I take the responsibility of delivering excellence in any cleaning I provide to you – very seriously.

In fact, you there’s NO – CHANCE you’ll be disappointed with me, because if you give me a chance to prove my devotion, and then don’t agree that my carpet and upholstery cleaning is the best ever, I will happily return to your home and give you a free re-service. If I can’t make you happy with my cleaning and restore your sense of sanity, then I will happily refund your hard earned money. Heck, I’ll do just about anything to make you happy, (except take that crazy dog off your hands). What could be more fair?

Call me now to schedule a FREE Carpet/Upholstery Physical –with no cost or obligation… or check out the amazing links on the left of this page. You’ll discover things no one has ever told you about cleaning and about choosing a carpet cleaner.

Earnestly, Todd James

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